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Homemade Blood Pudding

Homemade Blood Pudding


from daniela

Chopped meat, soaked bread, lung, spleen, liver, kidney, heart and spices are placed in a dish and mixed. Wash them with water and salt and the spleen...


Pig Spleens

Wondering what to cook using Pig Spleens? Pig Spleens tips as well as selected Pig Spleens dishes. View our tips for Pig Spleens suggestions from multiple nations. Many different types of tips as well as Pig Spleens dishes are categorized here on this site. Cooking dishes with Pig Spleens.
Recipes  Pig Spleens - Pork Spleen with Mince

Pork Spleen with Mince

20.02.13from Tin

Wash spleens well. Cut each into three pieces. On each piece, make a straight cut with a knife to get a "pocket". Every pocket is stuffed with min...

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